Behind the Masque

“Masque of the Red Death – A Musical Thriller” is a vibrant work in progress.

This page exists for two groups of people. One is professionals in the entertainment industry who find this project exciting and intriguing and who may wish to become involved. The other is made up of lovers of dark, delicious musical theater, the works of Edgar Allan Poe, the superb art and storytelling of Wendy Pini … or all of the above.

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What is “Masque of the Red Death – A Musical Thriller” about?

   Plot       A plot synopsis, adapted from the Graphic Novel by Wendy Pini.

   Cast      The major characters as shown in the Graphic Novel.

   Reel      The sizzle reel, edited from footage of rehearsals, an industry-only reading, and a performance at the Kennedy Center.

 Manga    A few words on the connection between “Masque” and Japanese manga (comic books) and anime (animation).

  Songs     A selection of songs from “Masque” – lyrics by Wendy Pini, music by Gregory Nabours.

   Book      Act 1, Scene 1 from the libretto.