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based on the famous short story by Edgar Allan Poe

Sivarsi Nine, megacity of the future. Cold, mechanized, soulless.

The Mansion of the House of Prosper, on the island retreat of Penumbra

Anton “Prince” Prosper, heir to an unlimited family fortune.
He has it all—but always dreams of more

The mansion’s massive front gate—and the family’s motto

The city’s elite yearn to be invited to sumptuous gatherings…

…and no night spot is too exclusive to welcome Prosper and his followers.

Steffan Kabala, who wishes to be more than an assistant on Prosper’s quest…

…discovers Anton’s hidden private laboratory.

Prosper shares his discovery and deep secret: immortality!

Celebration! Steffan’s month-long birthday extravaganza begins.

Welcome to the rainbow suite of seven chambers!

Bunchh, outrageous social organizer extraordinaire.

Fronda Trankule and Daryel Mirrin,
innocents drawn into the web.
Budding romance, amid the party’s festivities and diversions

Immortality proves no cure for boredom.

Anton wants to experience it all, without consequence.

Steffan’s agony — to face eternity alone?

An assassination attempt on Steffan fails…

…but jealous revenge goes horribly wrong and the plague-infested city burns.

The last asylum: Prosper’s island estate, now a fortress against the plague.

Horror without, lethal “house rules” within.

Shall this new Red Death hold “illimitable dominion over all?”