About Masque

On a futuristic earth-type world, in the vast, technologically overrun megalopolis of SIVARSI 9, citizens live what seems to be a utopian existence.

But Anton “Prince” Prosper, last scion of a fabulously wealthy, morally bankrupt dynasty, lusts for more. A scientific genius secluded from the world on his own, private island, Prosper dedicates his gifted young mind to perfecting the science of nanotechnology. His goal: eternal youth and immortality.

Aiding Prosper in his quest is his stunning assistant Steffan Kabala. Their intensely erotic, volatile relationship, seething with obsessive passion, finally explodes in an act of bitter revenge. Thus a hideous bio-technical plague, the Red Death, is unleashed upon an unsuspecting world.

The drama of jealousy, seduction, betrayal and conflicting ideals builds to a horrific climax amid the decadent delights of the most glamorous, most sinister masked ball ever held.