The Masque Players

Concept art can’t help but be … conceptual. The live cast of “Masque” is intended to be international and inclusive. Persons of any ethnicity or sexual orientation may play any of the characters.

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Anton “Prince” Prosper IV – “he”

Male – late 20s – Omnisexual

Mysterious, obsessive, charismatic, arrogant, aristocratic, brooding, heart of gold beneath cold exterior

Heathcliff meets Victor Frankenstein

Steffan Kabala – “he, they”

Male or trans man – 25 – gay

Glamorous, feminine but not effeminate, intense, hot-headed, beautiful and uses it, deeply romantic, dangerous, loves not wisely but too well

Dark, Wuthering Heights Cathy vibe

Bunchh – “she, they”

Non Binary – age unknown – pan

Puckish, presents as a blue-skinned, androgynous female, flamboyant, cheery, motherly, affectionate, bossy, full of deep caring

Petite RuPaul type

Madame Kabala – “she”

Female – older than appears – bi but prefers men

Gorgeous, sexy, highly intelligent, showy, wicked sense of humor, sinister, devious, ruthless, intimidating, amoral, uber-diva

Cruella meets Mommie Dearest

Fronda Trankule – “she”

Female – 19 – bi

Smart, hot tempered, spoiled, rich Daddy’s Girl, sassy, funny, surprisingly un-snobbish, goes through huge arc and rises to the occasion

Daryel Mirrin – “he”

Male – 20 – bi

Athletic, upbeat, direct, great judge of character, gentle and kind up to a point, strong moral compass, sincere, expert tech with farm boy roots

Tono Trankkule – “he”

Male – robust middle aged – cis but has tried everything

Hardboiled mega-mogul, more cunning than smart, thuggish, gets what he wants, respects nothing and no one, greed personified

Donald Trump meets Tony Soprano