Gregory Nabours to perform songs from Masque

This is in the “it just keeps getting better and better” category. My brilliant, young, handsome, visionary composer Gregory Nabours is on the verge of super-stardom. This November, he’s been invited to perform an evening of his own compositions INCLUDING TWO SONGS FROM “MASQUE” at a li’l ol’ place called the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, DC. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (note: this will be broadcast live via the Kennedy center’s own channel!). Will Richard and I be there? Do wolves **** in the woods? [via Facebook]

About Masque

On a futuristic earth-type world, in the vast, technologically overrun megalopolis of SIVARSI 9, citizens live what seems to be a utopian existence. But Anton “Prince” Prosper, last scion of a fabulously wealthy, morally bankrupt dynasty, lusts for more. A scientific genius secluded from the world on his own, private island, Prosper dedicates his gifted […]