A Newbie’s Perspective

Sent in by Kristen Olsen:

I was asked by the wondrous Madame Masque to post my views as a newbie reader who read the backlog to the current (Masque web comic episode) in one sitting. I went into a bit of an emotional overload at this. Reading all at once was at once both neat and taxing.

There is just so much emotion in the characters and their interactions. I have to say, to start out, I was a huge Steffan fan but that’s changed. I can’t say it was a particular event just a combining of all the events. The story itself is full of emotion and is brought to great light by Madam Masque. There is great character development. The story flows. The art is amazing.

It does make me wonder what Edgar Allan Poe would have to say if he saw his story rendered so wonderfully. I plan on enjoying this even when it is finished.

Kristen Olsen, age 30, Edgar Allan Poe fan

About Masque

On a futuristic earth-type world, in the vast, technologically overrun megalopolis of SIVARSI 9, citizens live what seems to be a utopian existence. But Anton “Prince” Prosper, last scion of a fabulously wealthy, morally bankrupt dynasty, lusts for more. A scientific genius secluded from the world on his own, private island, Prosper dedicates his gifted […]