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Edgar Allan Poe’s “Masque of the Red Death” audio reading by Richard Pini

“Masque Dramatique” composed and performed by Wendy Pini

“Sivarsi 9: Citywalk” composed and performed by Richard Pini

“Red Death Waltz” composed and performed by Wendy Pini

“Sivarsi 9: Sonny Side Up” composed and performed by Sonny Strait

“Love Theme for Anton and Steffan” composed and performed by Wendy Pini

Edgar Allan Poe’s “A Predicament” audio reading by Wendy Pini

“The Clock” – instrumental composed and performed by Wendy Pini

Presentation by Wendy Pini at the University of California – Berkley, 11/17/11 on yaoi (boys love) comics, female psychology, and “Masque of the Red Death”