On Audiences

No one can predict how audiences will react to a show. Shows that have “legs” tend to be the kind that people come back to see more than once – plus they tell their friends. “Jekyll & Hyde,” one of Masque’s inspirations, has followers called “Jekkies.” Young teenage girls are the predominate audience for “Wicked” which consistently does top box office. Ideally, the Masque Musical will gain a loyal following of “Masquers” who love dark, gothic romance, horror and yaoi. Of course we’ve got our sights set on a long-running Broadway success. But let me tell you something. If Masque is only ever mounted and performed once in some big theater, we will be able to say we DID it – we had the dream and we put it out there to manifest in the world. Because once is all it takes. [via Facebook]

About Masque

On a futuristic earth-type world, in the vast, technologically overrun megalopolis of SIVARSI 9, citizens live what seems to be a utopian existence. But Anton “Prince” Prosper, last scion of a fabulously wealthy, morally bankrupt dynasty, lusts for more. A scientific genius secluded from the world on his own, private island, Prosper dedicates his gifted […]